Monday, 19 September 2011

What Is The Dream... Audio Released...

The audio launch for Mayakkam Enna, Selvaraghavan's film with brother Dhanush and Richa was held today at Radio Mirchi, Chennai. GV Prakash has done the score and the album has six rocking tracks. The singers are Harish Raghavendra, Saindhavi, Naresh Iyer, GV Prakash, Dhanush and Selvaraghavan.

The brothers have also teamed up to render the lyrics.
GV Prakash feels confident that the youngsters will love the album. Selva's wife Geetanjali is also confident about the music and she has been promoting it big time on social networking sites.

Viswaroopam Perfected...

Kamal Haasan is a perfectionist and that reflects in all his movies. With the actor wielding the megaphone for Viswaroopam that trait in him would be even more evident. Viswaroopam is so close to the star’s heart that he is planning the project so meticulously.

He is reported to have given the entire script of the film to the team of technicians working in the film. Viswaroopam’s cinematographer Sanu Varghese, music directors Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy and the other stars have been handed over the script to ensure that they are deeply involved in the project.

This is trend that is followed in Hollywood and Kamal seems to have implemented it in Viswaroopam.

News Begins... All In One...

Alrite till now all i given is some pics and stills... now i will be getting to the real deal, which is all news and latest buzz in K-Town, B-Towm and H-Town and the countdown starts now. DOT... tq

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bhagyaraj Retuns... It's a Comic...

"Enne Kudume Sir", "Evvelevoo Pannithom Ithe Pannemathomaa", "Enna Valzkai Daa Ithe".... These phrases does reaches people when those heroes said it but they didn't reach the level Premji utters it, and he does break some rules, anyway this is not another movie that Premji do the role of side-kick but he is the story, he is the lead hero and he is 2010 BHAGYARAJ.

The movies also starred by a newcomer Ankitha, Vincent Ashokan, Sridhar, Ravikanth, and Subashini in an important roles with others in the cast.
Directed by Thirumalairajan and produced by actress Sona Haiden with music by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Here are some stills from the movie.

This Could Be Your Love Story...!!!

He is back. If we trace back of where he came from, it all starts from "Minnalle" A crafted Love Story, which became a huge hit. Unexpected from him when he gave a total different and racy theme through "Kakha Kakha" with a life of a cop and it became trend setter for the others and continuous genuine idea made "Vettaiyadu Velllaiyadu",  "Vaarnam Ayiram",  and lately "Vinnaithandi Varuvayaa" which also became a huge hit and declared the movie is one of it's kind for the melodious love story and also have a huge impact among people.
Yes it is none other than Gaautham Vasudev Menon.

Now he is back with Nee Thaane En Pon Vasanthan with Jiiva in the lead as Raghu a 21yrs old engineer student and Samantha as Nithya.
The movie is also will be made simultaneously in telugu with Ram and Samantha reprising the same role and in Hindi stars Aditya Roy Kapoor and the female lead are not conformed and might also don by Samantha as well. Santhanam also will be doing a important role and in never before seen avatar.

The music will be by the Oscar Nayagan A.R.Rahman and all the crew are Menons so called regulars.
this might be another Vinnaithandi Varuvayaa and the movie is slated for the release on February 14 2012, coincidently 11 years after the release of his first venture. Here are some posters of the movie.

Again n Again it;s "Chiyaan"...

Chiyan Vikram has been busy with his Raja Pattai for time being and he already done almost most of the scene for his next venture touted for 2012 release titled KARIKALAN "a Preiod cum Contemporary Drama".

The movie will also have Zarine Khan of "Veer " fame with Mithun Kurian, Radhika Apte, Vimala Raman and Pasupathy in a very important role with others also in the cast.

The movie is Directed by L.I.Kannan and produced by Silver Line Film Factory with Vijay Anthony scoring the tunes for the tracks and the movies expectation grossed higher since the release of the First Look Posters and for the astonishing graphical look, and more been expected in the film itself. Therefore here are more of the released Images of KARIKALAN...

All The King's Men...

Everyone been wondering where have our little cute Krishna have gone, the Krishna i mean is our "chiyaan" Vikram, which his performance are mind-blowing as a mentally affected man with the mentality of five years old .

We could see his next performance in Raja Pattai with the tranformation from a mentally affected man to a gym master and a wannabe stuntman with Deeksha  Seth and Mithra Kurian in pivotal role,with Avinash and others in the cast.

The movie is directed by Suseenthiran after his most acclaimed Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai and produced by SP Creations. The music is scored by none other than Yuvan Shankar Raja.
Here are some of the latest snaps released recently. 1st and exclusive for you all, and as i might guess it's just stills from a song.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Your Imagination Allday - A Fairytail Story

Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal (MUK) is a upcoming romantic flick directed by Ganesh Vinayak, staring Atharva in his second avatar after his Baana Kathadi and Amala Paul in lead. The other cast are as Santhanam, Jayaprakash, Anupama Kumar and others.

The music is scored by G.V.Prakash Kumar during their production trip to China and the movies is expected for it's shot at exotic locales Chennai, Banglore, Kerala, and New York.

There has been some controversies on the way Ganesh handled the film and across all these the movie is touted to be an October 2011 treat and the trailer is expected to be launch alongside Vandhan Vendran a Jeeva flick. It's been a trend releasing singles before the actual full audio released and this film is also under these categories and the singles can be a treat at any time soon.

Thousand Lights...

Aayiram Vilakku has been touted to be action packed movie with Satyaraj and Shantanu of Sakkarakatti and Siddhu +2 in the lead with Sana Khan plays a pivotal role. 
The movie is produced bu HMI pictures and directed by S.P.Hosimin of February 14 fame.
The movies audio is launched few month ago which is scored by Srikanth Deva and it is been expected of worlwide release on 23rd September that is on this month and here are some of the pics and trailer of the movie.

The Cool Cop...

Looks like it's remake season, and it's been in total mayhem with a lot buff on remakes which are some of them are true and some are just stories.
Salman Khan has been in remake streak for a while in silver screen and now a Salman Khan movie "Dabaang is being remake into Tamil as Osthi-The Cool Cop with it's tagline.
This might be an old news but the movie is expected for October 2011 release and not confirmed so here is more,
the movie stars S.T.R a.k.a Simbhu as Vel Murugan in Salman's character and Richa Ganggopadhyay in Sonakshi Sinha character. One of the most important character Salman's brother is handed over to 'Jithan' Ramesh to perfect it and with Sonu Sood, Saranya Mohan, Nizhalgal Ravi and Santhanam with others in the cast.
The movie is directed by the S.Dharani of the Gilli and Kuruvi fame.
One of the item song in this movie considered to be the highlight as the original version has a song titled 'Munni', and a lot famous glam dolls has been approached and the news still in pending.
Here are the 1st look of the movie which realease few months ago during initial production.

Monday, 12 September 2011

The King Khan and Dazzling Kareena...

Ra. One will be a Diwali release in both 2D and 3D.
The film is on superhero subject directed by Anubav Sinha with the heavy star cast as King Khan play the superhero G-One with Kareena as his arm candy and Arjun Rampal as the antagonist with Sanjay Dutt also in the cast as villainous villain Khalnayak and also the Chinese American actor Tom-Wu in supporting role.

The USP of the movie is branded as the most expensive with best visual effects are mind blowwing for Indian cinemas and the Senegalese American R&B singer Akon has sung 2 songs in the film in Hindi as that makes Ra.One to the next level. These are some pics and clips of Ra.One.

7aam Arivu New PiCs

7aam Arivu is a tamil science fiction thriller film written and directed by A.R.Murugadoss, starring Suriya in triple roles and Shruti Hassan. 
The story is said to be revolve around "SUPER MACHINE and TIME TRAVEL" and expected for the diwali release alongside Nanban and Ra.One. 
The audio is expected on 22nd September 2011 with a grand audio realease.

Mankatha daa...

After creating much hype and expectations, Ajith’s 50th film Mankatha has hit the screens finally. Mankatha boasts of a huge star cast which includes Ajith, Trisha, Arjun, Andrea, Lakshmi Rai, Premji, Anjali and Vaibhav.  Ajith has a pivotal role in the film and all others orbit around him.

Vinayak Mahadevan (Ajith) is a Mumbai cop and he gets suspended for saving a convict from the encounter planned by other cops. All that Vinayak needs in his life is ‘money’. Sanjana (Trisha) falls for Vinayak and she introduces him to her dad. Her dad (Arumuga Chettiyar played by Jayaprakash) is a gambler and he deals with the bookies for IPL matches. Prithviraj (Arjun) is a CBI officer who is appointed to curb betting on cricket matches. Meanwhile, Vinayak joins Sumanth (Vaibhav), Ganesh (Ganesh) who is a sub inspector, Mahat (Mahat) who is a pub owner and Prem (Premji) who is a hacking specialist to steal Rs 500 Crores of betting money that will reach Arumuga Chettiyar. Then, there is a series of double crosses and they try to get the better of each other to procure the money.

Ajith steals the show with his killer looks and amazing dialogue delivery. He has not put a foot wrong in the entire film. Trisha has minimum scope to perform and does not make a mark. Premji is at his usual self and he tickles your funny bone once in a while. Arjun as the CBI officer is quite apt for the role and he looks fit as a fiddle. The rest of the actors merely appear as cameo performers.

The film is an out and out Ajith film. The Ajith phenomenon dominates the story and screenplay. There are logical lapses in the film and director Venkat Prabhu could have concentrated more on the screenplay. The first half has few sluggish moments and second half needs some trimming. Yuvan’s music is a huge disappointment and except ‘Vilayadu Mankatha’ number, all other songs look out of place. They could have done away with a few songs. Cinematographer Sakthi Saravanan has done a neat job.

Mankatha is a perfect carnival for Ajith fans. Remember the tag line ‘Strictly No Rules’ when you watch the film. 

New Kid in Bloggy Town

            Hi everyone... i know there is still no one yet in my blog but i am just doing this in case when someone followed and felt what rubbish is this. Alright let me tell you friends, i created this blog to share all the latest updates and interesting fact on all the movies and songs around the world and you all could even ask me anything that you all want me to upload for you. This will be the blog for you all to look out for what you want to see and be. Movies, music, facts, anything you want to know, just a single comment, and i will be answering for you.
Since this is my first day, that is on 13/09/2011... first job first so i will start my job right away.

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